• Security and privacy of the Internet of Things (IoT).


  • Security of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).

  • Security analysis of IoT and Smart Home applications.

  • IoT and CPS device fingerprinting via behavioral and network traffic analysis.

  • Digital forensics analysis of IoT and smart settings data. 

  • Hardware-assisted insider threat detection of malicious USB devices. 

  • Implementation of CEC-based attacks in HDMI distributions.

  • Intrusion detection systems for identifying unusual activities in HDMI distributions.

  • Behavioral analysis of IoT and CPS devices using system and function call tracing techniques. 

  • Smart Grid security threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Detection of compromised CPS devices. ​

  • Smart Home applications benchmarking. 

  • Security analysis of IoT programming platforms.

  • IoT advertisement. 

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